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FIRE stands for Fueled by biblical Instruction with Real-life Explanation and is based on Jeremiah 20:9, "His word burns in my heart like a fire…"

The Ministry of FIRE is designed to provide biblical instruction that accomplishes three (3) objectives: 

  • Give a clear explanation of the Scriptures that aligns with the biblical author's intended meaning to the original audience.

  • Cross the bridge from ancient biblical times to the world in which we live, so that the Scriptures can be applied to our everyday lives. 

  • Impart understanding that should energize and excite us draw closer to Christ and pursue spiritual maturity.


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Passion for God

This video will reignite your spiritual passion for God  by introducing you to Dr. Clint Parker and "FIRE" which stands for: Fueled by biblical Instruction with Real-life Explanation. We look forward to you getting "HEARTBURN" from the video, "Did not our HEARTS BURN when he explained the scriptures to us…” (Luke 24:32, Emphasis Added). EXPECT great things from God!



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