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Inform, Inspire, Implement, and achieve maximum Impact in your Personal and Leadership Development.  

A Lasting Impact

Get ready to live your best life.

Clint Parker provides the tools needed to redefine your mind, so you can create the space necessary for the important positive shifts that make every day better than the last. With a unique approach for every audience combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm, Clint Parker guarantees a lasting impression.

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Meet Clint

Clint is an educator, leader, lecturer, and motivational speaker who is passionate about helping people in the areas of personal and leadership development. He has extensive teaching, public speaking, and leadership experience in corporate and religious settings. His commitment and purpose are to inform and inspire people to implement their learning for maximum impact in their personal lives in a way that ultimately benefits others. He is also a proud graduate of Regent University where he earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree. Most importantly, Clint loves Jesus Christ, is happily married to his wife Tess, and is the proud father of four children: Shaniqua, Caleb, Isaiah, and nephew Stevie. He is also a golfer and sports enthusiast. 

"Be careful about surrounding yourself with people who cannot see beyond where you are now. Instead, align yourself with those who see where you are striving to go and are willing to help you get there."

Dr. Clint Parker

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